Monday, August 22, 2005

Thank God summer is over!

I'm not sure whether because it was damn hot this summer or because I thought I was going nuts but something about this summer that I want it to end in a hurry( Ok for the most part I do know why I dread this summer:-(.
Despite that , I'm not sure why I'm never a fan of summer like most people do in the States but the hype that sorrounds it just makes it for the most part boring! The kids being out of school, the adults are hype, the bachelors up and about trying to hook with someone for the summer fling grrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I just think summer is so overrated. I can't stand the question in the office of where are you going for vacation this summer? what did you do this weekend, the weather was great? Nobody seem to ask when it comes to Winter, maybe I like vacationing in winter, go to Aspen and skii away all weekend and drink hot cocoa in front of a fire place (ok that is not really true until the day I meet my millionaire husband or I become a millionaire myself). Anyway I'm one person who hates doing stuff when everyone is doing them .This is weird I just don't enjoy taking vacations when everyone is , going to the park when all my neighbors are there and especially swimming in the apartment complex swimming pool when all those brats are in the pool. Nothing against the kids in the pool but all that hype just too much.
Well summer is almost over and good riddance, fall cannot come fast enuff!!!


Poi said...

lol Wanjiru lol, don't be hating on summer so much? I'm not a fan of it and I kinda hv it all yr round but boy does the heat get to me. I get all crunky and moody and ppl drive funny, change lanes lk they going to save the world, its irritating, when I have to fight my urge to roll the window and ask if sm1's retarded or ask grandpa's to get off the road(my very best), some ppl just cannot drive!

Its like all the places are full, noisy and all caught up in the fun while it lasts! I love fall better but summer kicks for me. I like not summer days but the nights rock!

Irena said...

Okay I will tone it down butit is too hype in summer, Yep summer nites are great but I prefer fall anytime ,anyday when everyone is broke after spending all in summer and I happen to feel rich:-)))..... By the way I often fall in love in fall contrary to the popular believe of fallin in love in summer :-)