Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm so back!

Okay, I'm back It was trying:-) to be away for long and missing all the fun but I'm refreshed body, mind and soul. Watch the space for many a topics to talk about.
Akiey: I bloggin again..and you know what that are not taking any break now ..I saw your " eyes ..smthing' open or shut .....:-) ..


akiey said...

Heeey She's Back!!!! Welcome back to the blog world Wanjiru. We missed you dearly & as you could tell some good folks kept asking about you. They'll be glad to hear this:)
Am still on "recess" but will be back when refreshed...soon, very soon.

Irena said...
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Poi said...

Yeah am one of the good folks Wanjiru, where you been girl? I'm so rocking smiling now that u r back.

Welcam! Told u, there's nothing like giving up the blog we too big on love in here we just draw u right back!

Irena said...

Poi Ahsante dada for luring me back. Yes admit I missed blogging but had to take care of a few things and myself as well. Thank you for noticing my absence.

Akiey: I cannot wait for you to get your behind back to the blogs.
" Pliz don't go If you go ,I will go crazy ,I 'll go crazy !!!!!Nway I know you need a break ,so I hope you get back refreshed and ready to inform and entertain us again!!

akiey said...

Thanks Wanjiru & I know you're one friend I can count on for sure. Will be back as soon as I am back to form. i'll try to drop by & check on my blog fam from time to time.

@ Poi, you know I really tried very hard not to mention that you're one of the good folks asking for Wanjiru's return, glad that put that killer smile on your face, and hey, thanks for the support girl!

Irena said...

Akiey:Mos Def!!!

Guessaurus said...

Glad to have you back, enjoying your blog already so dont you go hiding off on us again.

@Akiey - your recess is over, its been a minute already!!! LOL

Irena said...

Gessaurus: Thank you for your welcome back note..Appreciate it.. hope you have been well