Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Genghis Khan

My current read is "Genghis Khan and the making of modern World". For those who do not know who he is , Genghis Khan was a Mongolian military leader who united different tribal groups in Mongolia into one of the very succesful Kingdom and one of the most successful military leader known to man. He conquered vast area ad created mega Kingdom which lasted for 150 years. As I read along what strikes me more is his accomplishment in conquering his enemies from medieval Europe, Mesopotamia and other kingdoms and uniting those he conquered under his leadership . He is accredited for creating international trade (they didn't teach me that in my International Business Class) and Mongolians are accredited for creating the first international Paper Money.Through his conquest he intermingled cultures and way of doing different things from medicine to clothing, although even today there are critics who still won't accredit him for that.

What strike me more is the similarities in the culture of tribes in Mongolia and those of some Kenyan tribes beliefs and practices. For instance, the Mongols believed in Wife inheritance(the luo and luhya practices), their belief that God inhabit in nature especially the mountains(Kikuyu beliefs), their pastoralism way of life and inter tribal warfare between tribes stealing women and property(Kikuyu and Masaai Warfare) paying dowry /gift to the father of the bride.However after his young bride was stolen , he abolished that practice and sworn that no woman would be sold into marriage but throung diplomacy. Anyway it is amazing to read and relate to a culture of tribes miles and miles away.

As for Genghis his military tactics was amazing, the well trained cavalries, archers, their endurance to harsh climate and the use of spies and scouts to report the location of the enemies .He used divide and conquer tactics using benevolence toward those who sided with them and terror and bloodshed against those who did not. He is known to have been the greatest influential leader to be matched only by Napolean and Alexander the great .Anyway still reading the pages through,..to be continued..........................