Thursday, February 02, 2006


I was tagged by the charming young ma Whis, so here ya go!

1. Favourite Kenyan Food-

Mukimo wa miji and stew of Mbuzi , carrots and Kenyan salad , the way we make it (small pieces not chunks of cucumber, lettuce American way)
- Nyama Choma na kachumbari
- Fried fish,then simmered with lots of onions and tomatoes and served avec spinach and home made Chips…yummy!
- Githeri”kia mbembe njua”(soft maize):-)

2. Favourite Kenyan Drink-

MuratinaJ kidding, ahh Tusker baridi!!!

3. Favourite Kenyan TV Programme-

I still get a kick out of “Tushauriane” .Where can I get episodes on dvd ?

4. Top 3 Kenyan Hangouts-

Used to be Carni of course, still will be when I get back .- I don’t know any of those new joints ,so this question shall be answered when I land in the republic soon although word has it “Kengele is the place to be!

5. Top Holiday Kenyan Destination-
-Mombasa /Malindi of course,whitesands area has awesome cottages , maneno ya hotel time table siwezani, want to eat when I want not on someone else schedule while on vacation:-)
-Mt Kenya Safari Club -Nyeri
-Nanyuki –awesome place, awesome
-Karatina – My cucu’s place of course!!!!!!!!
- Nyeri – Outspan golf country club & Aberdare Country Club6.

3 Kenyan phrases you use a lot (ati, nini, nani and bilaz DO NOT count)!
-Wacha wewe!!!:-) ( will you stop)
-Tiga wana (stop nonsense)
- Uga( sema)
- Fala! ( Stupid/silly)
- Manze ( I sayJ
7. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’-

Bad behaviour – Muchene, gossip gossip!
-Copy cats! Every house has an identical wall unitJ, sofa and carpet .
- Kenyans who think writing good Queen English or even maiming the hippy American English is something to feel petho for, when you cannot speak Swahili or better yet your mother tongue well ....( Yes I have said it, shoot me!)

8. Three things non-Kenyans say about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’

- How long have you been in the US? (What is it to you ? By the way some people use this to gauge you on your looks, you know “you clean so well”J)).
- Where did you learn to speak good English like that?(on the plane on my way here, what do you think?)
- Have you ever seen a lion( Yes, I have one as a pet, infact it has a designated corner in our hut that it sleeps at)

9. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans which non-Kenyans ought to know
- We all do not run!!!!!!!!
- Kenya is beautiful, intriguing , challenging and still evolving country!!!
- There is more to Kenya than Safari and Masaai Mara

10. Complete this sentence: I am Kenyan because......

I look Kenyan, I speak Kenyanese, I have a kenyan name, I adore Kenya , My parents are Kenyan etc.

And finally – list 3 members of the Kenyan Blog Ring you would like to see complete this quiz.

JKE(Especially you JKE)
Cute - Angel

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dog food for the African Children

Miss Drummond herself........................................

"Officials in drought-stricken Kenya recoiled with outrage to a plan by a New Zealand woman to send "dog food" for starving children, even as she said the product was fit for human consumption."

I have no words on this.,... I didn't know whether to cry, feel sorry for my people or laugh..This is beyond insult..and to think some people agree on this .................................

So now Poor Africans children have been reduced to animals and for that mattter "Mbwa". God have mercy!!! How long shall Africans suffer this way ? How long God will you let us be a play ground for the rich ........ She has the Nerve - Mzungu Mchawi!!!! She must a very damn white woman to come up with the damnest idea ever. If she wants to help , why not raise funds with her dog food and buy proper food fit for human consumption?

Monday, January 30, 2006

I need Love

I need love, love
ooh, ease my mind
And I need to find time
someone to call mine;

My mama said
You can't hurry love
No, you'll just have to wait
She said love don't come easy
But it's a game of give and take
You can't hurry love
No, you'll just have to wait
Just trust in a good time
No matter how long it takes

How many heartaches must I stand
Before I find the love to let me live again
Right now the only thing that keeps me hanging on
when I feel my strength,
ooh, it's almost gone

I remember mama saidYou can't hurry love
No you'll just have to waitShe said love don't come easy
It's a game of give and takeHow long must I wait
How much more must I takeBefore loneliness
Will cause my heart, heart to break?
No, I cant bear to live my life aloneI grow impatient for a love to call my own
But when I feel that I, I can't go on
Well these precious words keep me hanging on

Courtesy of Phil Collins

But seriously I need love and a Kijana to call my own!!! I'm getting tired of being single...but alas where to get a good one? Although, over the weekend I was given the advice that I'm too stringent with my requirements, so I should lower my standards .........Huh ?

What is wrong with wanting a non-traditional man who will not expect a bakuri of hot water and a towel as I kneel down and wash his hand to eat that Ugali which I toiled cooking for him after I got home. Mind you, this is after sitting on the traffic jam for 1hr? ...and then, come bed time I 'm expected to "Roll over and give him some sugar"-) and 1 minutes later, he rolls over and sleeps like a baby while I'm still wondering what the heck was that?

What is wrong with wanting a man who I can be myself with even when I ride a bike with him in the park even when it is not so African to do as a woman ?

What is wrong with wanting a man I can sit next to while him and his kijana buddies talk politics or Golf even and I actually has some points of my own in the discussion? What is wrong with wanting a man who we can talk for hours and hours about anything under the sun without being looked at as I talk too much.

What is wrong with wanting a man who will not question my dressing style when we go to a party and not call it "that is too sexy, you are a married woman now, need to dress like a married woman.....:-)".

What is wrong with wanting a man who once in a while will cook and do laundry without making a big deal out of it after all, he loves me and this is an act of love right?

What is wrong with wanting man whose idea of fun is not drinking all weekend but likes adventure such as hiking, driving aimlessly just enjoying the earth and its magnificent sites.

What is wrong with wanting a man who actually enjoys being physically fit and looking good just as he expects me to look like Janet Jackson ?

Is that too much to ask of a potential mate ? If it is, then I'm doomed.