Friday, January 20, 2006

What they are being driven in as others die of Hunger

It really pays to be a Kenyan Minister doesn't it? It must be nice!!

Standard Newspaper

Black Jesus

Well, well, well, the son of man was black too..... no? This is bound to create some controversy, I wonder who will be the first to cast the first stone......
"We have to accept that Christ has been hijacked a bit -- he's gone very blonde haired and blue-eyed," he said. "The important thing about the message of Christ was that it is universal. It doesn't matter what he looked like." True that!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

African Movie Stars Honors -Debut.

Okay, shame on me, for I get so engulfed in Hollywood movie stars that I forget our very own stars.Not only are they very talented, but in most cases get so little attention . They do deserve recognition that for sure.
Aside, Drew Barrymore, aside Halle Berry, aside Julia Roberts, you have nothing on this woman. My adoration for her caught on Sarafina (1992) and I bet most of us saw her for the first time. Her portrayal of an outspoken high school woman on apartheid and injustices in South Africa drew us into tears.
Then, she had a role in “Cry the beloved Country “ besides Earl Jones. She was in Hotel Rwanda and her next main role was in Yesterday.

I watched Yesterday, the other day (shame on me) and she acted with such grace and she moved me into tears. Her dedication on this role is impressive. She had a role in Zulu (not sure it has been released yet). So my weekly debut honors goes to Actress is Leleti – Keep up the good work, your grace and talent is way beyond hollywood!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


"First Lady Lucy Kibaki yesterday said she would vie for a political seat in the next General Election.


Without giving details, she said she had been motivated to make the decision after realising that people close to the President were letting him down.


Lucy KibakiLazy people, she said, should be voted out of office in the coming elections, while those in the Civil Service should be sacked.


"I have received complaints from leaders who were unable to access the President at State House. I am surprised that this happens because others come to see me and I fix their problems.
"I see no reason why State House should block anybody from seeing the President. Appointments must be made and all leaders given equal opportunity to see the President," she said.
Mrs Kibaki demanded to know why leaders from Nyandarua District had not been given an appointment to visit the President at State House.
"Once I receive a report, action will be taken to discipline those involved,
She told a cheering a crowd at Leshau High School in Nyandarua District, where she accompanied the President on a tour of the area.


Two years ago, the First Lady was in the news when she differed with the State House comptroller Matere Keriri in Mombasa.
Mr Keriri was later relieved of his duties and given a job as the chairman of the Kenya Electricity Regulatory Board. "


Copyrighjt of Nation Newspaper

For the love of my Country - Helping Drought Victims

Does anyone know a legitimate Kenyan online based org one can use to contribute to help the hunger striken Kenyans? I'm sure the $10 dollars I would have used for a latte or something unneccesary will go a long way for someone in my dear country. Please let me know!!.

You would think our Kenyan Newspapers would offer a free banner advertising for such in this time of crisis for those us who are abroad and would like to assist where we can .

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What became of the World?

What happened when making friends was easy and didn’t require much effort?
What happened when people met, clicked and never became suspicious of each other?
What happened when hello meant just a hello but not “I want something from you”?
What happened when liking someone was not compounded by brakes of what to say and not what to say but just be oneself?
What happened when a woman or a man could say I love you and never to be looked at as “I want to sleep with you”, but I just like you for you nothing more?

What happened when one didn’t have to put brakes on liking but just like anyway?
What happened when people liked and didn’t stop because they were afraid, the other might want something more out of the liking?
What happened when people genuinely liked each other without much pretence or fakeness?
What happened to the world when expressing one’s liking was not encountered by hostility, fear and frown?

What happened when people liked and continued doing so even when a better likable person came along?
What happened when people liked you for one moment ,stayed and didn't go without explanation?
What happened when innocent liking was never perceived to be anything but just that?
What happened to the innocent world when people just liked without explanation but just seeking good friendship?

What happened to the GENUINE World?