Thursday, January 19, 2006

African Movie Stars Honors -Debut.

Okay, shame on me, for I get so engulfed in Hollywood movie stars that I forget our very own stars.Not only are they very talented, but in most cases get so little attention . They do deserve recognition that for sure.
Aside, Drew Barrymore, aside Halle Berry, aside Julia Roberts, you have nothing on this woman. My adoration for her caught on Sarafina (1992) and I bet most of us saw her for the first time. Her portrayal of an outspoken high school woman on apartheid and injustices in South Africa drew us into tears.
Then, she had a role in “Cry the beloved Country “ besides Earl Jones. She was in Hotel Rwanda and her next main role was in Yesterday.

I watched Yesterday, the other day (shame on me) and she acted with such grace and she moved me into tears. Her dedication on this role is impressive. She had a role in Zulu (not sure it has been released yet). So my weekly debut honors goes to Actress is Leleti – Keep up the good work, your grace and talent is way beyond hollywood!


Whispering Inn said...

Aah who can forget Sarafina/Leleti Loved the movie! Caught a little of "Yesterday" on HBO but didn't watch it - getting tired of "Everything Africa=Aids" trend.
She does look like you know (wink). No, no, I am not just saying that.

Poi said...

Isn't she something? In Yesterday, I loved, loved her! She had so much grace in her, she was amazing!

Thanks for recognizing our own and sharing this...

Great post!

Irena said...

Whisperinginn: :-) Wewe, I do not look like her , I have huge nose and my lips are thick and I'm not that light skinned -typical African Look:-)))). Yesterday even though was Africa =aids movie, she acted that role well.

Poi: You and me both, loved it.

nick said...

SARAFINA was the movie of 1993 when i was in form one...she could sing and act t0oo. GO LELETI KHUMALO

she also had a brief cameo appearance in HOTEL RWANDA that left me wanting