Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Revolutionize Women and S.....

I'm in the mood for a provocative topic,so excuse Wanjiru ;-)

Should women have sex like men?
To me I say... hell yeah! and why not . How many times have I heard women who are my friends, colleagues at work and other females talk of how they met this great person,dated, he is not all that but just wants to sleep with him .When they sleep with the dude and perhaps the dude just disappears and starts acting up because he could tell you were not all that into him , why do we get mad and rave like a wounded lioness in jungle of Africa? You really didn't want anything with the guy right? So why put emotions in it. Why then get pissed off when the guy takes off after hittin it?Why can't we women have sex with no feeling attached to it. Even when women knowingly and just wanted a one night stand we still put some emotions in it and hate the person afterwards if they never ever call you or snob you next time you bumped into him.

Why do men get mad or hate on women who have sex with them for pure sex ( mwenjoyo) and want nothing else? Why do the men feel disrepected and feel all too bad if you tell them that that is all you wanted after the fact:-) . Why can't women just "hit it" (Can I say that:-) and leave with no intention of hooking up again or even a phone call? Maybe the woman just wanted some good ol' times and had no intention of going back for more.

Why do men get shocked and get insulted if a woman say'it was not good? They ask how it was and then when you say the truth they get shocked by it. Eh ..why can't I say I wasn't "satisfied" and it sucked! Why then did you ask? I know it is a kind of assurance but sometimes it just sucks either because it was too small, too big ,didn't hit the right spot or the "touch was not there period!

Why is it when a woman sleeps with a guy the first time she is loose? .So what do we call the guy? . Why aren't we allowed to "test " the water before we dive in. Nobody wants to work so hard on something and then find out the end product sucks and does not deliver !

Sometimes I just wonder? mmhhh........................................