Friday, December 09, 2005

Saddam or Mel :-)

Saddam ? Mel Gibson?..........

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bold and Bald

Yeah there comes a time in a woman's life when enuff is enuff!! I shaved it off in May 2005 and yes I was bald totally. It was bold move I tell ya and at first I was not sure I would withstand the stares, the assumption(yes in my town,sex orientation is hot topic because after San Fran, we are second in same sex whatever_).It was an exhale moment ..yeah I had been waiting to exhale for a while .

It was awesome to walk in the shower and let the warm water flow on my scalp and walk out without worrying about a blow drier or a hot comb. There has been a mixed reaction from both men and women. The women loved it interestingly,some men mostly White adored it but our Nyeuthi brothers eeeish it was those of.... "damn girl why?Yeah! that was suprising that our brothers do not appreciate natural beauty, they would rather see me in horse hair or poodle hair:-) or wherever the synthetic /human hair is made of.
Nway this was not done to "make a statement" kinda of a thing.

It was a medical condition ...a scalp inflamation caused by a bacteria which affect the hair root causing stagnation and cutting the hair around it. At first I blamed it on hair grease/lotions and then came shampoo I changed from Suave, head &shoulders, Nizoral name it..., then cursed on my West African hair dresser for braiding my hair too tight.

Finally I researched on the net and you will not imagine how many women suffer from this condition.I found forums after forums of women sufferers of scalp inflammation and other conditions such as Alopecia. It is real and very apparent with the Blac women. So, as much as I hate Wigs, weaves etc, I now do know why some women opt for them because not all can be bold to go bald!

It is December, I'm still nursing my condition with medication which has costed me $400.00 so far Damn!!!! that is a one way trip to Germany:-).Thank God for Insurance. One tube of medicated foam costs $150 but insurance pays much of that.

The treatment is meant to go on for 10 months to see any improvement. Well, I can see the improvement now and can't wait to braid my hair again and have my ponytail back!!!!
Oh the Balding me!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Told a deep hidden Secret

Today I told someone a deep secret. Dunno why I did it and what the consequences will be.Will that person look at me the same way ? Sometimes sina brakes for real! Sometime I trust too easily or get gullible. At the time I didn't think twice but now, not sure how that was perceived or........ Ngai Mwathani!!!