Monday, December 19, 2005

Final 2005 “bloggable” Thoughts

Gosh it is Christmas already! This is the last blog for me this year .It has been quiet an year for me and boy am I glad it is almost over but no regrets for the most part. It has been an year which I have met good friends online who have been truly an aspiration to me. I have met and have become good friends with some bloggers and to you I say ,thank you and thank you for sharing part of who you are with me, it has been a blessing and hope our friendship will continue to grow despite being mountains, oceans and deserts away or in short a “flight away”.

It is nice to have a friends who make you smile when down and who can relate to tribulations that one faces in this life, who once in a while knocked on my IM and reminded me to stop and smell the fresh flowers, enjoy the view outside or just a simple phone call to say a quick hello or congratulations for reaching a milestone or passing that exam, or just a simple surprise call to let you know I’m no computer robot/ anime’. There is a voice behind the goofing around, after all.

Friends to reminisce with the great ol’times we had in the Republic and hope one day we shall meet and eat that finger lickin’ good nyamachoma avec tusker!, hang again at “Carni” or just have fish and chips at Wimpy .

It has also been a year which I have lost people who were very dear to me, and it saddens me to know that this Christmas will not be the same without them.

It has been a year of awakening and “smelling the coffee” and hopefully the lessons learnt in 2005 will be carried over to 2006 as I strive to grow to be the best I can be..

Well all good bloggers, keep on blogging (entertaining and informing). It has been a pleasure to be part of this wonderful E-World and KBW.

Merry Christmas, enjoy the holiday and Happy New Year and remember “friends do not let friends drive while drunk” So as you burudika na tusker or alcoholic beverage of your choice, be careful on this festive season.