Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I met someone, online .
We met sometime .
He/she' now means a lot to me,
I need to tell him/her so.

We write each other when we can
On that I can depend.
I so look forward to his/her mail,
His/her informative mail, his/her sense of humor,
He/she has become my close friend.
Feel like we knew each other past life
We chat about little things;

we dig deep----Into our present, past and future.
He/she makes me smile, he/she warms my heart,
A nice person that he/she is,
Sweet, kind and gentle
He/she has become this and more to me
I know we'll never come to know,To see, to touch, to feel--
We're tied to other worlds ,This fact is very real.

Even though .
He/she'll always have a "special place"

Loved him/her almost from the start.

For you..I needed to let you know that you mean so and much more and miss you when you are all too busy to chat.


Poi said...

That person should know they got a real & true friend in you on the real and feel blessed!

Happy Week :0

Irena said...

He/she knows that I hope.

Poi said...

BTW, I'm loving your new template :)

akiey said...

Such a nice dedication to someone you hold so dear! They best be coming around often to smell the roses that is the scent of your message & appreciation of them.

A busy life is what everybody suffers from lately but it's good you're reaching out to let your friend know you value them so...
Very nice!

PS: Don't despair. I grew up knowing that any good, real friendship moves mountains so the two people can meet/chat/talk etc.

jke said...

Radhi ni bora kuliko mali.

Irena said...

Akiey: It is good to let someone know that they mean a lot for being there and for the time they take to say hello, to listen, to brighten someone's day , a mere "hi" means a lot when the world around does not. Sometime we do take for granted the smallest of things especially when we are engulfed in this busy world and for those of us away from home (where people say hi for not wanting something from us but just human connection),a friendly gesture goes a long way!

JKE: Na hapo umenena rafiki and yes I agree with that methali totally and I think too that"Lipitalo, hupishwa" Things don’t just happen by accidents and might I add - Good things do not happen by accidents, there is a reason for everything - destiny may be:-)