Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Breaking News!!!!! Angelina & Pitt !!!

Angelina Jolie is expecting a baby this summer with Brad Pitt, finally affirming the long-presumed relationship previously only glimpsed on African beaches(Kenya beach ...dumb ass... African is not Kenya) and in paparazzi snapshots."

Waoh this is bigger than Sharon-Israel Pm stroke,, Judge Alito gruelling by Democrats etc. This was the the first thing I heard this morning on today show with their morning news!

Aiii -I would hate to be Jennifer Aniston right about now (oh I never cared about her!!!) .I'm no hater but I was never her fan and always thought Brad derserved a better lady..but what do I know?......Oh I'm playa hatin now but lakini Angelina's beauty (even with her some weird behavior like french kissing her own brother, her lesbian encounters and not to forget the famous "blood necklace" with bob thorton) is to die for. I have a non sexual crush:-))) on this woman( Nothin wrong with admiring a beautiful woman or is there?:-). She is intriguing and Brad Pitt better not screw up on this one!!! Anyway just some hollywood gossip to end the day and what a lovely couple they make!
Funny the main comment on this "breaking news" was on the "genes" of the baby and how cute the baby will be, they even had a computer generated image (whatever they call that) of how the baby will look like etc...For Pete's sake! US press is just too shallow at times . If I heard that from E! or Access Holywood, I would not be thinking shallow, that is to be expected lakini Matt lauer and Katie Couric on Today Show ..Give me a break!


akiey said...

Well, I'm happy for these two love birds & I can only hope their relationship & growing family (soon to have 3kids in what? 3 yrs,lol!) stays stronger. I think Brad & Angie deserve one another.

Btw, same day this news broke I heard on late night radio some men calling in & saying how much Angelina has now dropped from being a 10-point chick for being pregnant?! In their shallow minds most definitely but am sure Brad still sees her as the 11/10 that she is:)

Heard on the radio the same nite this news broke, how some

akiey said...

PS: One caution to US news networks:
Not all very good looking people come together to make good looking kids, the very opposite is also very possible.

PPS: Irena, nothing wrong with appreciating what's obviously good. That's a darn beautiful woman Brad got by his side:)

Irena said...

Akiey: So you mean,if you and I hooked up our beautiful genes would not produce a magnificent creature:-)).
Nway good for Jolie and Pitt, they deserve each other and their humanitarian spirit makes them all so beautiful.

Mignon said...

nothing wrong with appreciating beauty :)

my one question is this: how's this breaking news? and why is the american public so obsessed with celebs? yawa!

Irena said...

Cute-angel. It is called "Sensational News". Celeb news sells and it is a HUGE cash cow around here plus me thinks pple are just miserable in their lives and need celebs news and fantasies to cheer them up:-) but do I say?

akiey said...

Hehe, Irena, you know there are always exceptions to every rule, right? :)
Am sure the kid(s) would outdo both of us:))

nick said...

As much as am a Fan Of BRAD AND JEN and stillnot over that-BRAD and ANGELINA are extremely hot and sizzling together that must be said

Poor Jen...

Irena said...

Nick:Oh yeah AngieBrad sizzles ..damn where can I get me a man like Brad Pitt?