Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Finally -Intelligent Analysis on RAILA & CO.

"Were the 2.5 million voters for the new constitution or the five million that did not vote, not people? Is it logical for Mr Odinga to equate 3.5 million that said No to the new constitution to the only people in a population of 32 million?" by Koigi Wamwere
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Finally someone has voice of reason on all the madness that is gripping Kenya especially from political bickers who have nothing to show since they were elected in office.They have spent our tax payers money trying to achieve their power hungry agendas and to think that ordinary mwananchi thinks they will be better leaders? Who are these Kenyans who are more interested in a snap election than the milk and bread they put on their children's dinner table. Wamwere has said it better than anyone
"Mr Odinga also says the President is not in touch with the people. I find it difficult to believe that just because the people are freer to tear their President to shreds every morning, or because his side lost in a referendum, then the President is not in touch with the people".

If this is not a step ahead from what we were 5 years ago I dunno what is.Would Raila be standing free to say anything to a president or would he be in Nyayo house basement.?

The economy is steering in the right direction (5% growth),more jobs are being created, investors were beginning to restore their confidence on our economy and Kibaki has lost touch with the Wananchi? Kibaki may not be aggressive, he may not have fulfilled all his NARC promises but darn it, it has only been 3 years.! Was he supposed to fulfill all that with a cabinet full of unruly group.? Were they not part of this government they stand to condemn. I 'm pissed and the hell I'm ...because leaders like Raila do not understand time is money..the more he continues his pursuit, his quest to be the next President with whatever means , the more HIV is spreading , the more wananchi are dying of hunger in his home area Nyanza, North Eastern Kenya, Muranga and all the corners of the republic, the more youth turn to drugs and crime for lack of jobs.Is this the Kenya Raila wants in the name of a referendum? So it became a popularity contest, was it what it was? why didn't he tell wananchi that and maybe just maybe all those who didn't vote , would have come out in droves!!!. The constitution is going nowhere, resume the talks and move on . Why can't Kenyans realise that dirty politics hinder economic growth and the main thing right now is to reverse the economy so that we can be a healthy nation!!!!

Poleni I had to let this out of my chest!!!


Jay said...

Don't apologize girl. If anything, please share your opinion.

Sadly this is the same thing I've been saying to people for the last two years. Its been three years. They're giving Kibaki 3 years to correct the wrongs that were perpetuated for more than 20 years?!! Even my friends, who I consider to be very smart people, still expect Kibaki to have performed miracles.

Anyway, I have decided that I am tired of kenyans, the people, and for now I'm looking out for Kenya the country. Hopefully the people will catch up.

Kwanza that Raila...... wacha tu. I don't want to colour your blog blue.

Irena said...

Miss K: I'm glad someone lese is seeing it the way I see it for real. Kenyans expected mircles to happen overnight not considering the damage that had been done for 20 years. Lets be realistic , Kibaki with is flaws is doing a good job and yes he may have let Kenyans down as they claim with the MOU but truth be told, we are moving the right direction and it is not only Kibaki who need to take all the responsibility, all Kenyans have to and one way is to ensure that the MP they have elected are actually care for their welfare not siasa bure!!,