Thursday, December 15, 2005


B ehaves like a maniac when grown-ups aren’t watching

R ampages most when you want to be quiet!

O rders you around as if you were his servant

T hinks endlessly of fresh ways to torment you

H ates above everything to hear you admired

E ats with loud noises simply to irritate

R esorts to being charming only as the last desperate bribe



Poi said...

Oh your cute lil bro,very handsome boy! hehehe and lol to the list compiled to make and go with the word brother.

Glad you'll be seeing him soon. You lucky thing u and oh hope he knows how lucky he is to have you for a big sis or no i know he hates to hear you admired hehheeh

Oh how i so miss my kid sis now..

Great post, very original :)

Stephen Bess said...

Siblings are sweet torment. :)

Irena said...

Poi & Stephen: Thxs and that young man is gem to me... I adore him with his innocent torments:-).His latest request is anything King Kong(toy, t-shirt etc)..damn they already are in such a mania in Kenya:-).I have not even watched the movie!!

akiey said...

Nice, very nice & you two do look a lot alike Irena:)
I agree, nicely written piece. You could probably show it to him when he's a little older so he can laught at his boyish ways. Hope you get to see him very soon & make his King Kong wishes come true.

Irena said...

Akiey:Thxs and yes that is my sweetie right there.. Good idea and plan to keep this post for him to read .I hope to see him soon and can't wait!