Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm back to blogging !

Well, it has been almost an year since I left the blogsphere for perhaps lack of ideas, boredom, hectic schedule and what have you. After much contemplation and many things that I felt the need to air my opinion , I have decided to be back. Well I have to dedicate to this to a friend who no matter how crazy, wishy washy, undecided , mean and everything else that I have been has always understood me. It is because of this person that I have decided that I should share my thoughts however incoherent with the world.

To you my friend, for always been supportive of my thoughts, the person who I never imagined would be part of me even in the crazy situation on how we became friends and sometimes we can be elusive to each other but to you my dear, thanks for always letting me know I'm not all that crazy even when I have QUIT you so many times .

The most humbling thing that person told me today when I went crazy on them was "I'm not interested in your process of elimination, I still consider you as a friend" -That brought tears in my eyes coz I know now you are a real friend and I love you for that!

With that, may our friendship last for a very long time, may we continue to support each other through thick and thin ! Chin chin to you my darlin friend and YES I'M BLOGGING AGAIN! I got it bad when it comes to you that I came back to blogging world partly coz of you , for letting me know my thoughts are worth and then some! I love you for always!

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