Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year..........

Another year ? or is it just another day with a different number ending "06" . I bet is just another year for the thousands North Eastern residents who are suffering from hunger( Yet we have leaders who are still so power hungry ,that they would care less about the who I would like to call forgotten “other Kenyans”. I hope this serves as lesson to all those who talk the talk and not walk the walk. Why should we be begging for food and yet we wanted to spend millions for a snap elections to remove the so called bad apple Mr. Kibaki for misleading Kenyans and making us worse that we were 20 years ago!. Well it is '06 , lets see what has changed on this arena if at all!

We also have a ice skating ring. Waoh! we have money for such luxury?Private or not private, same thing, the monies could have been used for another worthy cause, like maybe feed hungry children? Surely, how much money will it take to maintain such a ring? Well maybe then, the owners are not into feeding hungry children, how about building a decent shelter for the street children if at all the aim is to make Nairobi more attractive? I suppose with this new interest, we shall have some entry in the next ice skating championships, why restrict our domination only on Marathon huh?. Michelle Kwan, Christina Yamaguchi, here we come!!! Watch out!

It is also another year for U.S and it is renewed warning for visitors to Kenya. You see ,Kenya is such a dangerous ground harbored with murderers who are out to harm any westerner who dare step on that rich red soil of our beloved motherland. Funny, that they issue the warning, just this past Christmas when trying to get a hotel in Mombasa I hear was a nightmare let alone get a flight out of Nairobi to Mombasa .Interesting the Germans, the Dutch,Danish(ask Friend of Kenya blogger, how dangerous Kenya was?), the Italian, the Swede, don’t feel so scared or their souls are not that valuable!

It is yet another year at work same ol’ Bs! different day! It is just another day that resolutions are being made left and right and next Monday oops already broken a few. It is a brand new year where some of us have ushered it with pomp, new lovers who have just discovered each other (happy for you my friend….I wish you all the love, you deserve it and for those of us who missed that bus or wished for it :-), well, that is just too bad but remember do not go for less!!!), new friendship has emerged in the mid of eating Nyama Choma and clicking that “salute” champagne glass. “Salute to a new found buddy!”

So this week, well I’m still in the holiday mood but I will have to sit down and evaluate the last thirty years of my life. You know kinda of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis. Yes I ‘m going to treat my life like one big fortune 500 company and hopefully after this process is over (hopefully in the next two weeks) ,then I can charge forward.

You see , I miss Kenya and would like to go back home Kenya and jenga the nchi , lakini where to start .I’m jittery about that thought. There are many what ifs, Woulda, shoulda etc. I have discussed this with a few friends (some are reading this;-) but there is always that uncertainty about the whole deal. Questions like, if I give up what I have here and things do not turn out to be what I thought they would be in the motherland, then what? Will I survive the regrets, the lets downs, the guilt trips , the I should have known?. I do not expect heaven with maana flowing freely that is for sure. I do not expect things to work out like in the “first World” whatever that word means. But there is this hope that it is possible. Many have gone back and made it but is my skin still thick enough or will I be a mama's girls and chicken out?

Then, there is another thought, how bout commuting from Kenya to US and vice versa? .Is that doable? Can one get a temp jobo for 6 months and run back home to run a business? Does that sound like a crazy out of this world thought? Well, this is the year that decisions have to be made, serious ones ! This is the year of ultimatums and like a fortune 500 company; there will be retrenching /layoffs of the unproductive factor. This SWOT Irena’s life analysis will help me to focus on my strengths, minimize weaknesses, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available and surely after 2006, there will be a take off point somehow


akiey said...

Happy New Year Irena & nice to see you're still upbeat with your good writing that inspires your readers to get into thinking mode:)

Yes, 06 is here & you've known me & resolutions..I don't make them but rather make sure I write the date correctly(LOL!). Like you, 1st of Jan is but just another day to me. I try to better myself every day.

To Kibaki & his cronies, folks spending loads of money to beautify our cities & ignore the starving masses in N.Eastern, the poor folks all over the country & the battered women & kids on the streets, shame on you. It's O6, just another year, another broken promise:(

For a while I've wanted to move back home. For now am thinking commuting back & forth until my plans take proper root in Jamhuri is a good idea. Let's brainstorm on this...Penye Wengi Hapaharibiki Neno:)
Have a great year Irena...and trust akiey will be on the sidelines making sure you don't fall coz U do the same for me:)

PS: Your 1st visitor on ur 1st post, plz tell me so:)

Irena said...

Waoh, that's why we tight bro:-) u r and u were the first,so there you go! First on my '06 blog . Oh mos def we are going to brainstorm on the commute factor, not a bad idea..well I will not go bloggin about it now but yep that is something to ponder about.May all your hopes for this year reign supreme Akiey! Your bestest , Irena!

the unknown said...

happy new year irena. i know a new year comes with a lot of reflection to do and psyche to do it. well there yu go do it. my new year resolution is to get out of debt. i usually laugh at the thought of how much debt i owe . well courtesy of sending cash to family and not being there to ensure it does it work.
anyway ,piece of advice is, if you got to do any business, go to that country and do it yourself, then leave it being managed proffessionally .
anyway have a good and blessed year, this year,and hope when you look back at such a time next year , you will have a grin ,on your face

Poi said...

Wow! great read Irena.

Someone opened an ice-ring in Kenya? I've not even heard of that as yet, goodness.

I like your definition of the new year. That for some ppl it trully is a new year and they got it all going while for others it's just another day with no one to make the situation they are in better. God have mercy, just the thought is so sad!

I love the SWOT, you go dear girl, think it out and over. Ponder and of course in everything remember the power of prayer and in time you shall come through and you shall be just fine. I wish u all the best in the decision you end-up making. God bless you!

Happy New Year!

nick said...

Hey Irena, Happy New Year. i'm yet t o go to panari and watch others ski with glee or rather fall without shame. hope ur new year rocks babe!

Irena said...

the unknown:I hear you on getting out of debt and create wealth ama?Yep my business will be done by me and only me , no relatives involvement.Happy New Year!

Poi: Happy New Year to you and thanks for your wishes.

Nick: Hi my dear! Happy New Year to you as well. I bet at Panari will be a comical scene to watch Kenyans enjoy the "ice"

Brown Cowrie said...

Happy new year! (only one week late!). This is the first I'm hearing about the ice rink, and that's def. tragic considering that people are dying of hunger. In my opinion this ever expanding gap between the rich and isn't doing anything to help the security issue.

About your proposed compromise. Well one of my coworkers does six months out of the country and six months here - she's employed by two different corporations. Also once read about a w. african guy who sold art in Chicago half the year, then back to his village at home for the other half. So I'm sure its doable.

Irena said...

Lidia: Thanks for your new year wishes and happy New Year back at you and no,you are not too late. Yeah, the more I hear success commute stories the more I'm getting determined to go for it. Thanks Lidia

Acolyte said...

Happy New Year!Good to see that you are back and with a new template to boot!Yes I do feel you on the starving people and the government's lethargy.As for the ice rink look at the bright side, that ice rink is going to create jobs for Kenyans who would have otherwise been in crime or begging.
What we should be agitating for as Kenyans is for a workable long term food policy coz in some countries in the middle east where it doesnt rain often you dont hear of people starving to death.We should band together and feed the people but if we dont address the cause it will be like rescuing people who are being thrown in a river from drowning without stopping them from being thrown into the river.
As for building the nation you cannot do so if you have no way to feed yourself or a job so make sure that you have that base covered first.You could become a silent partner in a business back home if you do not want to commute or buy stock in publicly listed Kenyan companies.
My two cents...........

Irena said...

Hey Acolyte,Happy New Year to you too and thanks for your appreciation of my template a little makeover, a little nip tuck , a bit of botox:-).
Well about the hunger in Kenya, this has been many years in the making especially in the region it so affects.There different ways to look at the cause which braodly can be categorized as mainly Geo/social/political. Well I agree we need to look at the cause and come with a viable long lasting solution.
Building the nation: I will have that base covered mos def but with my passion for business I can't be a silent partner:-) . I plan to be in that arena of Nairobi Stock Exchange when my company will be listed someday but for now NYSE Composite index looks more attractive than NSE.