Monday, November 21, 2005

Thank You my fellow Kenyans in the Republic!!!

This is a short blog for my appreciation for the maturity that Kenyans have potrayed during the Referendum Elections. It was with much admiration that Kenyans again have proven to the world that our Nation is made of individuals who value peace above everything else! I have been reading the Western Media insinuation that the likelihood for riots and disorder were about 90%.I never doubted Kenyans would conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and to the Naysayers, we are a different breed of Africans and we are level headed nation ,so stop hatin! It does not matter whether NO or YES wins ,what matters that we are a people who agree to disagree and I hope we will respect what has been decided by the people, move on and continue to build our nation ! I'M PROUD TO BE A KENYAN AND KENYA JUU !!!


Acolyte said...

This is the one blog where I know I can be first!Kula hiyo msanii,nick,milo and co!Anyway Irena si u use the space bar on your heading.I feel you on the maturity factor, Kenyans have really behaved this time round!

Couch 'tato said...

@acolyte this will be the last one u come first
@Enyewe it is proud day for and fair selection even if it was the government that was defeated. i heard someone quip how he was disappointed that Kibaki didnt even rig the votings...and as funny as that is...that's the theme of the whole thing!

Irena said...

@Acolyte: Kwani ni compe to who gets here first. If that is the case, there is a a lollilop awaiting the winner H'ola:-) But trully Kenyans made me proud!
@Couch: Did you vote:-)? Yes Kenyans are mature and for once the western media had nothing to say about this damn hypocrites!

That also goes to show Kibaki is a man of integrity despite some faults he has but who doesn't!

Adrian said...

hear hear!

congrats to our fellow kenyans at home!

mutumia said...

Me too- so proud to be Kenyan- and sad that I could not vote :-(

Poi said...

I can't agree more with you. Kenyans acted big again is such a fragile and transparent issue. Sent yet another example to other countries, thanks to God and kenyans.

I'm not proud to be a kenyan, but THE KENYAN!

Happy Week :)

Irena said...

Poi :True but I guess some morons want the whole hand now that the got the fingers..mmmmhhh