Thursday, September 29, 2005


People that I have to share the world with but do not care much about

Liars – I cannot stand liars, I cannot stand people who lie to benefit themselves while in the process hurting others. It is even worse if I can see through the lie and the person who is lying assumes you are too dumb not to see through it.

Attention Seekers – I know a few people who will do anything to get attention from people, they are louder than anyone in the room, and they will go out of their way to do something to gain recognition. Such individuals the way I see it are weak and by wanting approvals from other is the only way they can feel strong and to those I say –Snap out of it!

Followers – Some people will do anything just because others are doing it. They are good at maiming /aping and whether whatever they are aping is good for them or no but they will do it just to fit in. How desperate can one be, to do something coz it is being done and deep down you know it is not good for you is beyond me. -That is Stupid Period!!!

Nosy – I cannot stand nosy people. If I do not look like I want to tell you about me, what I’m ,what I do ,who I’m screwing etc. Why the hell are you being nosy for? Some people have no shame they try to dig and find out who you are and once you fall for it and let them know, they run around kissing and telling - The rumour Mill Tribe.

Ass kissers – I cannot stand ass kissers and in this I mean the only person's ass I kiss sorta is my boss's because he holds my rent money, my mechanic's, he can screw up my carburetor, my hair dresser's, she can give me a bad hair cut, my dad and mum's, brother's, I still try to borrow money of them even now, so I kiss ass big time there. Other than that, an ordinary man or woman who does not fall into the above category, Please, YOU WISH!!. I think groupies fall into this category? I have lots of pride to stoop that low

Pretenders – Sometimes pretenders can fall into nosy category. These are individual who put a class act and behave in a certain way and deep down they know for fact they do not mean what they say but just want to put you “on” for the sake of it. What a waste of energy!

Finally all those who dismiss others, alienate others because they themselves think they are better or are the chosen few. Just because someone does not hail from your village or does not speak the same language as you do does not mean they are worthless, you might be surprised what you find if you took the time!!!!


Poi said...

Wow! Can someone ever tell it best than this? yes I refuse to use the word better coz this post right here is deep, real and true.

Liars-a white lie, a small lie they all lies so why not speak truth all times, I know most times it hurts, most times its not easy but all times it sets free.
Once a lie is told one more has to be told to cover for the other and thats how it all starts and then ppl get hooked on dishonesty, lying for senseless things.Twisted!

Attention seekers-Its always nice to try just be who you really are.I feel I never need approval from anyone. I feel this is where self-esteem and confidence comes in. Duh we all seek ad but not to a point that I can't do something on my own, I first have to put up a show to get a go ahead, eiissshhh.

Followers- why follow someone? can't I stand on my own, make up my own mind and decisions then of course if I can't on my own seek ad not follow blindly and do/say/act to please? Again, self-esteem, who I am, what am made of? Do I believe in me?

Nosy- prodders, in want of a better word. Why do human beings always want to get up other ppls grills and bussiness, way up there, some ppl can't handle not knowing what's happening in someelse's life why, why? stop digging about my life I don't dig about yours!

Ass-kisser- yes just like you no I wont kiss-ass unless its family or very close friends not even my boss's coz if I got potential and what it takes I can always move on. But of course al kiss my boss's when I want out at odd times or in other situations so family/boss/close friends and that's it. We all need favors from each other I agree but not to a point that unless you do this I won't come thru for you coz on the real that ain't right.

Pretenders-I'm just happy to be me. Its hard smtimes but its smthing we shuld always strive to be. Just ourselves, we don't need act to get liked/loved. or say what every1 says to 'fit' just be you. Accept yourself 1st then others follow into accepting you.

But, for anyone nosy/prodder, I say talk is talk;talk is cheap, tell it to her/him;don't say it to me.

I love this post, I know u always post real and true things but this just did it. Great, real, true post this.

You my girl as I always say rock!

Acolyte said...

Nice post too bad that too many people have these bad habits.Oh well that is the world today for you.

Nakeel said...

This is a very nice tight post and for sure it cannot be said better than this gal...
Thats why i always come back to see you speak it out.....

Irena said...

Poi: As usual my gal we agree and that is why you I like you for you keep so real!!!You will go far with that oulook in life I know it!!!
Acolyte: Thanks and true there such people hence my headline I have to share this beautiful world with them for lack of choice..

Nakeel: Being real and be who you are is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and you will find , life is much easier that way.

Milonare said...

Hey irena

Im approaching cautiously coz you seem a bit ticked off from the post...

I see you've acquired a semi-porno avatar hehehehe I wont ask about it just incase I get branded a nosy one LOL

I hear you loud and clear... Id only kiss my own ass and I cant reach that far... I may be courteous, persuasive, complimentary etc lakini kiss-ass aie never hehehehehehe

nick said...

@IRENA & POI: great posts!
how about arrogant people:nothing pisses me more than those know-it-alls who feel that they have to show your their superiorty either with knowledge or cash or anything...

Beziq said...

Nice one, I like the definitions.

Irena said...

Milo & Nick: Thanks for your feedback.
Beziq: Thanks for your comment and for stopping by

Guessaurus said...

Almost missed this one - did somebody say bed, Milo?

Hmm - wholeheartedly with you gal on everything - nothing wrong with being yourself, coz that is the only thing you can be right? Anything else is fake!

Oh, how about those people who seek to discredit what you do/say/wear/live etc - wanting to prove their way is better than yours - paaah - I always say, they put you down so that they can feel better about themselves.? Jeez, get used to it, who you are is who you are, making me feel bad about me wont make you a better/richer/fashionable/smarter person than you already are!

Now you are getting me started - nice nice post Irena!

sandman said...

don't forget the lazy scroungers.

akiey5 said...

Learned from an early age that: "Takes every kind of people to make the world go 'round". Sad but true. And yes, so long as someone doesn't blow the winds in your sails or doesn't feed, clothe or shelter you, pay them no more attention than they deserve.

Ok, have been away from KBW long enough, feel like I've missed out on lots of good stuff. Time I got back.

Irena said...

Guess, Sandman & Akiey: Thanks for your comments.