Thursday, February 09, 2006

African Channel -FINALLY

Finally!!!!! AWESOME!!

I can barely wait for this channel on the East Coast

"The Africa Channel is a showcase for the African continent's most outstanding English language television series, specials, documentaries feature films, music, event specials, biographies, soap operas, current business analysis, cultural and historical programs?..shows that reflect the people of Africa, their incredible stories, their daily lives, their music and art, their successes, celebrations and challenges.
Our mission? To open up a daily window into modern African life and, in the process, help demystify Africa for American viewers.
For the first time on U.S. television, American audiences can connect with an aspect of Africa that has eluded them until now - urban Africa, coming to life on a daily basis and presented in a way that American TV viewers have come to appreciate and understand. The Africa Channel will transport you into a world filled with rich cultures, heart-stopping adventures, emotional human dramas and award-winning entertainment programming. Then there is the music, with all of the richness, texture and tradition of the countless musical cultures found on the African Continent. Following in the footsteps of such music legends as Miriam Makeba, and Salief Keita is a whole new generation of artists poised for similar commercial success. The Africa Channel will introduce these new artists through music videos, live performances and the Africa Channel's exclusive roster of VJ's.
From News, Information and International Affairs, to Travel, Lifestyle and Leisure; From Soaps to Documentaries to Music, there's something for everyone on The Africa Channel!
Experience Africa as you've never seen it before. Africa! Alive! Right in your living room, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


akiey said...

Kudos Irena! You just made my day!! Glad I checked your blog in between seminars & what joy this news is:)!!!!

This is the kind of stuff we've been talking about & am glad someone out there put it to work. I will mos def request this channel for part of the state & I know I'll get hooked.

Loving the intro videos they have, wonderful graphics & layout.

This is not Africa like never seen before, but Africa as it is now. Just my $0.02

Thanks for sharing!

akiey5 said...

Had to get back after pulling my eyes off the screen bcoz I was literally glued to this wonderful site for the Tv station.

You know me, I can't help getting excited over such things so with your permission mademoiselle, I will pass the info around. The more folks support this new venture the more we get to show & appreciate our continent in its true light.

Stephen Bess said...

That is going to be exciting. It is a progressive step for television and it will hopefully shatter age old stereotypes.

Irena said...

akiey &Akiey5:-): I read this from New African Magazine about a week ago and forgot to check it out till today. I Cannot tell you how thrilled I'm and if the rainbow colors of Africa and the clips that I see on the website is something to go by, then we are in for a treat! Oh God I have been wishing for this for the longest time since the BET or TV one has no space for authentic African anything on their productions .

Guess who co-owns it, a Zimbambwe guy and Mutombo( the basketball player) has some stakes in it too. He has contributed to it financially.God bless him!!!
It is going to be amazing and my intuition this is going to be HUGE, more than BET and TV one combined that's for sure. The appeal is across the board for all communities be it White , Black etc. This I'm sure will be the channel to subscribe. I forwaded it to folks in the office and there was excitement all around and everyone was checking which channel it is on and I was bombarded by emails on when we are getting it here in DC......I 'm thrilled!!!! We all need to support this , if anything....

Irena said...

Stephen: It is exciting and we can finally show the "other Africa"

Whispering Inn said...

This ought to make a huge differece in people's perception of Africa and Africans. But, having said that, I have a sneaking suspicion that most Americans will not watch it. The majority of the viewers will be folks like you and I. Great though!

akiey said...

@ Whispering Inn, not to blog on Irena's blog but just wanted to share something with you.

When it comes to stuff like this I take it upon myself to spread the word, just like I did yesterday afternoon when Irena posted this. I sent out an email to about 35 friends, abt 15 of whom are Americans & I've already gotten very +ve feedback from US friends that have a genuine interest in African issues. This is I know because I interact/live with them daily.

There's power in the word of mouth & I know we can all pull together & make this a success.
I know you too are reaching out to non-Africans as well to support this venture:)

Irena said...

@Whisperinn: I'm on Akiey on this. We have to be positive on this venture and we as Africans if we are to stop the misconception of our continent we have to support this. I too know a plethora of Americans, Europeans and Asian immigrants who are actually interested in Africa positively.There are actually enlightened Americans who are not reality or Paris Hilton T.V freaks:-) ,who actually spread their interest a little bit and yearn for good T.V. But all said and done it is upon us to make this a success.!

Whispering Inn said...

@Akiey and Irena - I perfectly understanda where you're coming from. Excellent thing btw to spread the word. All the best to the new venture!

s! said...

well it's about time we had something like this!! this is really great news!

jke said...

Ganz gro├čartiges Kino, vielen Dank!

Mignon said...

I just typed in my zip code only to see the message "sorry we're not yet broadcasting in your area" sad!

Irena, hope you'll be able to watch it. That's so exciting!